Temporary Disposable E-Mails

When you first log in to the application, a temporary e-mail address is created specifically for you. This address is unique and specific to you. In our temporary e-mail service, e-mails are deleted periodically and no data is stored. We recommend that you use it when you do not want to receive spam etc. e-mails to your real e-mail address and you need a disposable e-mail address. You may not be able to use the same address all the time, so you should not use a temporary disposable e-mail address on sites you deem important.

If you do not like the name or domain extension of the disposable temporary e-mail address created for you, you can create an e-mail address with the name and extension you want or randomly by clicking the "new" button.

When you press the "Delete" button, the e-mail address created will be deleted and will not be retrieved again. Additionally, after opening the e-mail sent to the address, you can only delete the incoming e-mail with the "delete" button at the top.